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More about the Races


We are offering places for the following categories;

Junior - male and female

Senior - male and female

Veteran - Male and female

Also you can choose the distance

Challenger 20 is 3 laps of the 6.6 mile circuit giving a tough 19.8miles while...

Challenger 40 is 6 laps giving a total of 39.6 miles

It's a first over the line wins scenario, how ever there will be timing so you will be able to record your performance ready to beat next time!


Enter here


Where is the course?

The entrance to the Race circuit and HQ is North of the Army Camp at Bovington. DON'T go to the Barracks or the Tank Museum - we won't be there!

The entrance is 400m approx North of the Barracks on Cloud Hill.

The plus code is PQ73+63 Wareham

what3words location is convinces.tilt.zinc.

Click the logo for the location or the map below for google maps

40 Gravel Race Course 2 copy.png

Please Note

Once the races are about to start and during the events until each one finishes riders and spectators WILL NOT be able to leave the venue as this requires cars to drive across the circuit. Sorry but there will be time before and after each event to leave the course. Spectators will be restricted to the finishing area and HQ zone.


The venue is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and walking around the landscape is not permitted...not to mention it's a military site, with wildlife and apparently quite a few Ticks in the undergrowth. So this time round, Please don't bring your dogs, if they run off it's unlikely you will see them again...

What is the surface like

The course varies form hard pack to coarse gravel (c40mm stone) with some very short sections of concrete road. It will be reasonable fast and not overly technical though you will need to pick your line carefully and regular vehicle use creates burns and other elements.

Are there any climbs?

The parcous  is undulating with no majorly steep climbs though expect the odd ramp or two. The route is ideal for gravel bikes, though an MTB Hardtail would suit too...your shout


Which tyres?

Any thing over 35mm would be advised, our recommendation would be something along the lines of a Bontrager GR1 / GR2 Team Issue in 35mm or 40mm. We tested these on a Trek SL7 over Dartmoor and the tyres and bike sucked up even the hardest gravel trails riding as easily as the accompanying MTBs.

Which bike should I use?

A Gravel bike is probably best though an MTB Hardtail or XC style bike would do too, so something kitted out like the Trek Checkpoint below is ideal. At the end of the day this about having good time and a great day riding and racing's up to you

What is with the Trek Checkpoint?

As you probably know, new bikes are super scarce at the moment, but at Bay Cycles they have one of these available ex demo to buy now! We tried it out over Dartmoor and it's an awesome bike, super light (around 8.6kg), super fast and a great handler. It's a 20-21 model and this high spec isn't around off the peg. Originally at £5650 it's now being offered at  £4250

Find out more by clicking below

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